Tournament rulebook: CUP FOR CENTRAL EUROPEAN CITIES 2014

2nd Edition of the International Blind football tournament held in Prague

Rulebook of the international blind football tournament


  1. TOURNAMENT’S NAME:      Cup for Central European Cities 2014
  1. DATE & TIME:              From 5th September 2014 to 7th September 2014

Participating teams:

Zvezda Moskovskaya oblast (RUS)
LÁSS Budapest (HUN)
BFI Dublin (IRL)
A.S.D. Liguria Calcio (ITA)
Cécifoot Bruxelles (BEL)
Sprint Wroclaw (POL)
Avoy MU Brno (CZE)
BSC Prague (Cze)

  1. ORGANISER:                          

Blind Sport Club Prague
Na Plzence 1235/2
150 00 Prague 5


Czech Blind Sportsmen Association
Football Association of the Czech Republic
Municipal part Prague district of Brezineves


IBM Czech Republic
Prazska Energetika
Prague Capital town hall
Telefonica CR
Joma Sport
Hotel Frydl


Tournament’s chairman:                Zdenek Barlok
Mobile: +420 605 776537

Tournament’s chief of finance:    Petra Padourova
Chief translators:                            Katerina Oplova and Hana Gablova
Chief referees:                                Jan Kresta, Zdenek Rybka, Martin Cerny (Czech Republic), Elias Mastoras (Greece), Lukasz Skorzubski (Poland), Balazs Horvath (Hungary), Marco Messina (Italy)
Chief logistics:                                Jaroslav Masek and Jaroslav Pecinka
Chief of team coordinators:          Hana Gablova


We would like to ask all the teams to address to their selected team coordinators in case of any questions and information needed. Team coordinators will be presented to teams during their arrival to Prague.


  1. LOCATION:                               Na Hlavni 149, 184 00 Prague 8 – Brezineves
  1. ACCOMMODATION:              

Organiser ensured accommodation for all the participating teams and in this terms participation fee amounted 40 EUR is included per person.

Each team can delegate 10 people. In some exceptions 12 people were allowed to teams for 40,– EUR rate. Every 13th etc. Person will be charged 80,– EUR. Referees that will travel with the teams are counted extra and are accommodated and provided food for free by the sponsor money from the organiser.

Accommodation’s address:      

Hotel Frydl
Na Hlavni 23
182 00 Prague 8 – Brezineves

GPS details:

Some participants will be accommodated in near-by hotel called Hotel Golem approx 400 metres away. They will be shown the way by their team coordinator. Check-in of all the participants will be held at the Hotel Frydl reception desk.

  1. FOOD:                                        It is ensured by the organiser.

Friday lunch will be provided extra only for teams which arrive by 13:00 CET. Please let us know as it is not part of our service but it can be managed in advance.

Opening hours for food provided at Hotel Frydl:

Breakfast: 7:00 – 10:00
Lunch: 11:00 – 15:00
Dinner: 18:00 – 22:00

For those who will be accommodated at Hotel Golem, breakfast will be served at that place. Lunch and dinner are always served at Hotel Frydl.



Tournament will be conducted by valid blind football rules approved by IBSA Blind football sub-committee for the 2013 – 2017 period. However, organiser is entitled to make some arrangements of the tournament’s rules with reference to the tournament’s schedule.


–       8 teams will take part in the tournament. Teams are divided in 2 group by 4 teams. Each-toeach system is applied in the group stage.
–       Best two from each group will advance into knock-out stage semi-final. Team on third place will play 5th place match and teams on fourth place in the group will play 7th place match.
–       One match will be played two times 20 minutes. Time will be stopped only in case of: substitutions, injuries, time-outs, equipment check and other unexpected situations. Halftime will be 5 minutes.
–       Winning team  will receive 3 points, losing team 0 points.
–       In case of draw in the group stage, both team will be awarded 1 point, no penalties will be executed.
–       In case of draw in the knock-out stage, penalties will determine the winning team. Winning team will win the match by one goal even if the penalty series will finish e.g. 2-0.
–       Penalty series is for 3 rounds and each player must execute the penalty only once. If, after 3 rounds, there is a draw, golden penalty rule is applied. All the players from given penalty squad list (7 players) must execute the penalty kick and then the series is repeated from the beginning of the given list. One player must not execute two penalties after one another. If one team have less than 7 players in the squad, penalty series will be determined by lower number of players e.g. one team has 5 players and the other 7 players, penalty series will be repeated after 5th round, if it is still not decided.
–       Each team will give out filled forms prior to each match with following information at the referee’s table: team squad list, basic line-up, captain, vice-captain, penalty executors for 3 basic roundsand another 4 followers for the golden penalty rule or lower number according to the previous rule. Players who will not be on the forms, cannot play at the given match.
–       In case of same number of points of two teams, head-to-head result will determine the final ranking. If these teams held to a draw in the group stage, these rules are applied to determine the better teams: 1. goal difference, 2. if level on goal difference, first more goals scored, 3. if level on more goals scored, penalty execution and golden penalty rule as explained above.
–       In case of same number points of more teams, following rules are applied to determine the final ranking: 1. Head-to-head cross-table and number of points in the cross-table among the teams with same number of points, 2. Goal difference, 3. If the goal difference is the same by some teams, team which scored more goals will be better, 4. If all are level, penalty execution and golden penalty rule among teams concerned.
–       In case of draw during the matches for medals (final, 3rd place match), 5-minute added time with sudden death rule will be applied. Time will be stopped as written in the previous rules. If still draw, penalty execution and golden penalty rule will be applied.



Zdenek Barlok
Petra Padourova
One of the chief referees which will be announced on the spot.

In case of filing a protest, it is necessary to do so by 30 minutes after the match is finished and in writing. Deposit is 100 EUR or 2 800 CZK. In case the protest is turned down, deposit will not be paid back to protesting team and stay for the organisers purposes. In case protest will be approved, deposit will be given back to the protesting team in its full amount.


We request all the team assistants, coaches, goal navigators not to enter the pitch during the match neither when goal is scored nor in case of time-out. In case of injuries, referees and health service will judge the importance and then they can allow team assistants to enter and help on the pitch. This above-mentioned breech will be qualified as team foul and team assistant can get yellow card.

All B2 and B3 players will be double eye-patched. B1 players will be eye patched only in case medical documents is provided by the player to the local organiser at Friday technical meeting, they can get the exception.

Assistant referee will always check the eye patches and eye shades of all the players who enter the pitch during the match at the beginning and at the substitutions. If any discrepancy is found, player will not be allowed to enter the pitch until the moment all is sorted out.

Special rule about eye shades will be applied at this tournament. If player will touch his / her eye shades without being permitted by the referee, team will be penalised by personal and team foul. Player must shout at the referee: Referee eye shades!!! After the player is checked by the referee, match can continue.

Draw for ball and side must take place at  the half-time of previous match prior to each match at referees table so we require team captains to be on time for draw. If one team captain is not present, other team captain may choose without waiting under the assistance of one of two delegated referees.

Matches will be played with Italian and/or Danish balls.


Organiser is entitled to invite teams according to its own will.


One team includes at most 7 players of B1 – B3 according to IBSA eye classifications and 3 team assistants. Goalkeeper is regarded as part of assistants’ team. Organising participating team may increase the number of players and assistants. Some teams will arrive with more players and assistants but team can delegate only 7 players and 3 assistants in each match.

In case of injury or red card for the goalkeeper, team can sort this situation right on the spot by delegating reserve goalkeeper.

If a player / assistant receives red card or two yellow cards at once or separately in group stage matches, he / she will not be allowed to play the following match. Bookable offences (red / yellow cards) are cancelled before knock-out stage matches and than the previous rule is applied.

15. Friday Technical meeting

Technical meeting for all the participating teams will be held in the form of Q/A at 21:00 CET on Friday at Hotel Frydl meeting room close to the restaurant.


Time schedule and fixtures is included in other document.

Opening ceremony will be held at 8:30 on Saturday 6th September 2014.
Closing ceremony will be held at 15:30 on Sunday 7th September 2014.



Organiser is entitled to make any changes in the Tournament rulebook if it is necessary to ensure the smooth flow of the tournament.


All the teams which arrive and depart at / from the Prague airport will be taken by local organiser minibusses.

Prague 20th August 2014

Zdenek Barlok
Tournament’s chairman in the name of organising team BSC Prague